What We Did This Weekend – Pig Edition

18 06 2007

The girls spent Saturday with their Dad for Father’s Day. He took them to the Fremont Fair – which is well known for some strange goings on.

I got a phone call Saturday afternoon from a very amazed sounding Sophie…”Mom? We’re at the fair and, well….there are a lot of naked people here.”

“Oh yeah?” I said, “That’s pretty cool. I bet they’re riding bicycles, huh?”

“How did you know? It’s kinda weird. One guy is painted like a bumble bee, and there is a lady with glitter all over her nibbles.” (Sophie calls nipples “nibbles”. It’s quite perfect, really.) “Here, I’ll let you talk to Maya.”

“Hi Mom.”

“Hey Maya. How are you doing? I bet your Dad was surprised when he saw those naked people on bicycles!” I said.

“Yeah. He told us not to look.” Maya switches to a low, almost inaudible whisper, “I have never seen a man, well…you know….all naked and stuff.”

“Not all naked. I heard they had some paint on,” I said smiling like a fool.

“Mom. You know what I mean. It’s weird. Not good weird.”

“Yeah, I know honey. It never gets any better than that, really. Oh well. At least now you don’t have to wonder.”

“Yeah…I guess” she said with disgust.

At least she wasn’t impressed. The discomfort that their Dad felt made me feel all warm and squishi inside. Really, if one of their parents were going to take them to a naked bicyclist fair I always assumed it would be me.

Sunday was spent in Seattle with my friend and co-worker Daniel. We bought High School Musical (from Disney Channel fame) tickets. Both Daniel and I were under the impression it was being put on by a young group of semi-seasoned actors.

We were wrong.

It was put on by a Children’s Theatre – none of the children being over twelve. Since it deals with High School age issues and crushes and first kisses, etc……well let’s just say it didn’t translate well to the group.

It was painful.

So we spent the rest of the day parading ourselves around Seattle finding the pigs from the “Pigs on Parade” street art show. In celebration of Pikes Place Market 100th anniversary various artists came up with their own version of the famous Pikes Place Pig. (see below)

The one below has weird faces all over it. A bit scary – but a pig can definitely pull it off.

This one was my favorite. It had piercings all over (they were actually all different sized cupboard knobs but I totally got what they were going for). Daniel is, in the spirit of things, showing off his tongue piercing.

Then off to the market to purchase and devour the largest maple donut ever made.

And the waterfront would not be the same without a Merpig.

And the other side of the market boasted this beauty, aptly titled “This little piggy went to market”.

And, of course, we had to go see Sylvester (and the shrunken heads, and the world’s largest barnacle and a petrified whale penis) at Ye Ole Curiosity Shop.

And then Daniel carried the girls through all the people so they could scream and inadvertently kick unaware tourists. Right after this picture was taken Daniel and I stopped to get ice cream. The outdoor speakers were blaring Sinead O’connor’s “Nothing Compares To You” – and although I have not heard that song in at least 12 years – we serenaded the audience while waiting for our Old Fashioned Butter Pecan. I think they were glad when we stopped. They had that “scared smile” thing going on.

As if we hadn’t had enough sugar, we later found a new store called “Chocolate Box” that was just a little bit evil and a lot bit good. The girls LOVE dark chocolate and each got their own bar.

And this pig sat right outside the door.

It was a fantastic day. Sugar. Pigs. Mummies. Bad Musicals. It just doesn’t get any better.

What did you do?




6 responses

19 06 2007

My weekend was not nearly as exciting as yours! I think i shall once again choose to live vicariously through you!!

19 06 2007

That’s it. I’m flying to Seattle to spend the weekend at YOUR house.

We cleaned. And went grocery shopping.


20 06 2007

Pigs rock.

Nuff said.

20 06 2007

Man, we didn’t do anything nearly as fun. We went to the movies Friday. Went shopping on Sunday? No, not fun?

Dark chocolate is my favorite too and I am drooling over the girls’ chocolate bars. Holy moly.

And sadly for the girls, I’m afraid that it doesn’t get much better on the man front. Even when “in-shape” the man is a funny creature nude.

20 06 2007

Coolness abounds on your weekends. Most of mine invlove dog poop.

I so want to go to Seattle for a week. Maybe a month. You and the girls are the city’s best ambassadors.

Pretty progressive, what with letting your daughters go to and talk about a nakedy parade without batting an eyelash. Cool.

25 06 2007

Naked bicycle riding sounds downright uncomfy.

The REST of the weekend sounds GREAT!

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