23 03 2007

My good friend Dave sent me an email:


I noticed you hadn’t logged into your MySpace since 3/6 so I’ve attached and am emailing the photo of my Grandma. I think it looks like you.


At first I thought maybe I should take offense. I look like his grandma? I’m 35 for chrissakes. But then I opened the attachment and was pleasantly surprised to see Verna, Dave’s grandma, circa 1926:

Nice, huh?
I forgave him for comparing me to his grandma. But in a phone conversation later in the week he did say, “When I was at your Mom’s house I saw a picture of you when you were younger and it reminded me of my Grandma. ”
And later….”I have a picture of her right before she passed away and she looks like the crazy professor from Back to the Future.”
So basically, I looked like the circa 1926 Verna sometime ago, but I am rapidly approaching the point where my white hair will sticking out in all directions from my head and I will be running down Main Street yelling, “Marty! The Flux Capacitor!”
Just in case you wouldn’t recognize me otherwise.



4 responses

24 03 2007

He’s right, it does kinda look like you – something about those pretty eyes… :o)

I’m having trouble reconciling it with the image of Christopher Lloyd though…

“Great Scott!”

26 03 2007

From the little bit I’ve seen of you I would have to agree that there’s a similarity. Although, dude, if you start running down the street all Christopher Lloyd-esque in you latter years I will join you, becuase it sounds like a lot of fun.

26 03 2007

She looks beautiful and composed — but mischevious, just like you Shari.

And crazy is better than boring anyways. Right?! RIGHT GUYS?!

26 03 2007

oooh! this will make our next trip to seattle so much more exciting!

but seriously, both you and verna are very beautiful!

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