My Knight In Shining Armor

13 11 2006

Ant has written a fantastic post about my favorite subject – ME!

Go read it!



7 11 2006

Sophie told me this joke at dinner tonight:

There were three people named Shut up, Poop and Manners. They got in a car wreck. Manners was helping Poop while Shutup went to the police station. He ran in and the police said, “What’s your name?”

“Shut up!”

“What’s your name, son?”

“Shut up!”

“Where’s your manners?”

“He’s getting poop out of the ditch!”

You Make Me Wet

6 11 2006

Since Friday the Cascade Mountains have had over a foot of rain. Seattle has had over 8 inches – today alone it had 3.5.

November is always the wettest month. But this is above and beyond.

The storm drains are clogged with the cement of rotting leaves. The saturated ground is screaming “No more!” and forcing the rain into puddles. The puddles overflow in raging torrents that use the street as their riverbed, and cars for white water inducing boulders.

It is fantastic.

I was riding the Dart – a short bus of sorts that goes from work to the train station – we were the last one down the street before it was shut down to all traffic. As we were driving through the “James Street River” the water was coming into the bus as high as the second step.

I missed the first train, but boarded the second and got to the station at home with no problem. But, unfortunately it was then that I realized that I had left my car keys at work.

I trudged through mid-calf-high streams all the way home – the wind buffetting my umbrella and encouraging it to invert into yet another water vessel.

I can safely say that it is the first time I have come home from work with pruney toes.

I love this time of year.

What The Hell Am I Writing About?

5 11 2006

Just for fun, a few of the searches that have ended up at this blog in the last 24 hours…..

  • “Light as a feather, stiff as a bull.”
  • “You and me baby aren’t nuthin like mammals.”
  • “Induce God vomiting.”
  • “Dangers of swallowing chicken thigh bones.”
  • “Puppy swallowed gravel.”

Note To Self…

2 11 2006

From Maya’s third grade writing notebook, October 6, 2005.

Prewirte is when you brain storm your idias.

First Draft is when you write your idias.

Revise is when you correct our mastacs.

Edit is when you or somebuddy eles corrects your paper.

Final Daft is when your all most don but you have to write again.

Proofread is when you fix your work.

The hardest part of the writting proess for me is the proofread because I’m really tired of writting.

The easiest part of the writting process for me is the prewritting because you just have to brain storm your idias.

I think, obviously, the easiest part of the writing process for me is the Final Daft.