18 10 2006

Exciting news from the work front….

My boss got a promotion, which means that I will be applying for her old job.

I really, really want it.

A lot.




8 responses

19 10 2006
This Girl I Used to Know

Good Luck!!

19 10 2006

good luck! fingers crossed.

19 10 2006

Knocking wood, crossing fingers, holding breath.

Not like you’ll need it.

Cuz, you know, you ROCK!

19 10 2006

Go, Shari, Go! They’d be stupid not to promote you. From what little I know of you, you possess management skills that are sorely lacking today.

*transmitting lucky waves that got me my recent new job*

19 10 2006

oooh! very exciting. bon chance!

19 10 2006

That’s awesome Shari. Best of luck!

19 10 2006

Cool! I would wish you luck but that would imply that you need it – you’ll ace it easy! :o)

21 10 2006

I shall cross all my fingers and toes and will plait my hair for you 🙂 You go girl, you deserve it!

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