Part 2 : A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

26 09 2006

Many guests of the Lodge gathered on the beach to watch the sunset. There were lovers wrapped in their private embraces, there were solitary souls……then there was us.

As the thinkers mused and the lovers kissed, the girls and I counted the sunset down….10….9….8….7…6…5…4…3…2…
I can never get it quite right.

The next day we spent the morning at Ruby Beach seeing just now far we could bury our feet in the sand. (Almost to our knees.)
Sea Anemones.


We then drove northward, to the only temperate rain forest in the United States – the Hoh Rainforest. (Hoh is pronounced like the ho in “She sleeps with everyone. She’s such a ho!”) It seems like everything is green in this picture.

That would be because it is.

Look carefully and you will see a tree limb covered in moss and a creek filled with water plants. We were standing on a bridge over the creek.

This is a humongous maple tree absolutely covered in moss and air plants. The moss can grow so heavily on the trees that it can break them from it’s weight.
And this is a ridiculously beautiful 300 foot Douglas Fir tree. Yes, that is the girls in the lower left of the picture.

Puts things in perspective doesn’t it? In more than one way.


This Post Brought To You By Megan And The Number Two

25 09 2006

Just to quell the rumors right off….no….I have not “met” anyone. Good God. That’s just crazy talk.

It’s just work. It makes me so tired. And brain dead. I am actually having to use my long lost neurons lately, and baby, it’s killin’ me.

Nothing that happens to me has seemed funny or picture-worthy or poignant – or any of those blog-inspiring things. Coupled with the fact that my mouse died a horrible death…..

Well, no blogging. And I haven’t read anyone’s blogs. But I am going to! And do you know why?

I’ll tell you! My most fantastic friend ever in the entire world (that would be Megan for those of you who may not know) did something wonderful. Again.

I came home to a mouse (electronic) on my doorstep, with a sweet little note, “Get blogging baby!”

So, not more than 20 minutes later – and that’s only because I had perishable groceries to put away – I am giving you….

What I Did This Weekend – Shari Got Her Sanity Back Edition!!!!

Seven o’clock Saturday morning I told the girls to get their toothbrushes, a few pair of jeans, a handful of socks and get in the car. Being that they are my children and they understand me, they did it without delay.

A full tank of gas and memories of messed up priorities carried us westward – toward the beach. First I thought, “We’ll just go to Ocean Shores for the day.” But somehow, the car magically turned northbound on Hwy 101 and we headed to Kalaloch – the most beautiful place in the world……

The gazebo that overlooks the entrance to the beach. This particular beach stretches for 19 miles. My feet would tell you that we walked every one of those miles. That would not be true.

This, right here, is a dead crab.

Can you hear it?

This is a huge piece of kelp. It’s kind of stinky and slimy, but we played jump rope with it anyway.


“I enjoy long walks on the beach…..”

A driftwood tree. This is just part of the roots.

And this about sums up the day.

But, I haven’t told you about the next day yet! Blogger says this is enough for now….

More pics to come tomorrow in “What We Did This Weekend – A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss Edition”….

I’m Fine

11 09 2006

I’m here! If anyone cares.

It’s just been busy….girls starting school, my job and it’s horrendous horrors, my mouse not working…..

I have some good stories. Stay tuned.

I promise.