29 08 2006

As most of you know, Grace the neighbor kid is just like one of my own. She lives two houses down with her Mom and Dad, Natalie and Mistah (his name is really Eric, but Sophie just calls him Mistah – and it has stuck).

The girls’ nanny, Mickie, is a fantastic 68-year-old spitfire who dyes her hair red and is always involved in some sort of adventure or another. Grace has been nanny-sharing this summer.

Mickie is normally a logical and sensible (but fun!) human being. But….for some reason she bought Grace a turtle for her birthday.

A turtle.

No aquarium, no gravel, no warm light thing….just a turtle. Without asking her parents.

Grace named the turtle Fiona.

Unfortunately for Fiona, and Grace for that matter, the cost of a full turtle set up is quite substantial. Ten gallons of aquarium per one inch of shell length.

Fiona is 5-6 inches long. That’s some aquarium.

Needless to say, Natalie and Mistah are not amused. They are now struggling with how to break the disappointment to Grace gently. And also how to approach a fiesty 68-year-old woman with maroon hair on the inappropriateness of animal gifting.

In the meantime, Fiona is perched on some rocks in a bucket of water in my living room awaiting her fate.

And as Sophie says, “It’s pwetty hawd to give away a tuwtle that alweady has a name.”




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30 08 2006

Uh oh…

I think I can see what Sophie is thinking even from this picture.

Who needs a fancy-pants aquarium when you have two pairs of legs that can make a perfectly good “tuwtle” pen?

repeat after me

“I can not take the turtle. I can not take the turtle. I can not take the turtle….”

30 08 2006

It’s not really a good time to be a small animal in your neighborhood just now, is it?

That’s such ashame. But hey, you never know, it might turn out to be of the Teenage Mutant Ninja variety: then it’ll be fine.

30 08 2006
Ultra Toast Mosha God


Well-meaning but misinformed, I think.

30 08 2006

If I had a nickel for every time we brought home a turtle without my mom’s permission… But ours never got a fancy aquarium. They either got a box or a big plastic pan for a home with a little water and a rock. But maybe that’s why they never lived long. Hmm…

30 08 2006

That is so damn cute I can’t stand it.

Two words: kiddie pool. And bricks. Oh, and a heat lamp. And feeder goldfish. And frequent water changes. Okay that’s (lips moving ‘1,2,3’) more than two words.

Forget I said anything.

Seriously, as a turtle keeper, there’s a lot more involved than most people think. Make SURE the kids wash their hands REAL GOOD after playing with the tuwtle.

30 08 2006

Oh dear. I hope Fiona finds a good, well-set up home. Maybe with other turtles for company.

30 08 2006

Hoo boy.

Good luck to your neighbors. And to you, for that matter.

I second the hand washing thing. Turtles carry the same fun germ that raw chicken has…

31 08 2006

ok i’m reading the book ‘the colour purple’ right now and celie’s calls her husband mistah!!
cute coincidence!!

and ur girlz are priceless!

11 09 2006

I had a pet tortise as a kid that lived in my backyard and ate bugs and came out to play in the rain.

My mum accidently ran over it with her car when it was exploring the garage.

She never got over the trauma :<

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