I Am Losing My Muse

28 07 2006

The girls are leaving on Sunday to go on their annual summer vacation to Grandma’s house. They will board a plane here and fly off without me. It’s the third year that they have done this, but it is difficult every year.

I actually enjoy my kids, and when people say that it should be “so much fun” or a “much needed break” I feel like I want to strangle them.

I also realize that I do need to work on not needing them so much. But, you know what? I’m sure that will all happen on it’s own when they hit their teenage years. I’m in no hurry.

And there will be less Barbie/Ken photographic opportunities.

Damn. And I was just getting in the swing of things.

Ken (II) was sadly run down by an innocent looking barbeque.
But Prince Eric dances on, unperturbed by the grisly accident only feet away.
I feel that I must point out that all Barbie/Ken photos are unposed and taken in their natural “found” state.

This was taken last summer, and is by far my favorite picture of all time. A horrible scene, isn’t it? *shudder*




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29 07 2006

Where’s Noah’s Ark?

29 07 2006

I feel there are some serious naked torture issues going on in that house…

As for missing the kids, your philosophy is very wise – doubtless when teenager-dom comes things will change. I don’t understand it when folk say that kind of thing too (“Having a break from the family” etc.) – when you’re all such good friends, surely you’d rather be together than not…

Don’t worry, your faithful bloggers will keep you company! :o)

29 07 2006

Completely fantabulistical.

I love this new art form.

You could make a jillion bucks.

But more importantly, it plain cracks me up.

29 07 2006
This Girl I Used to Know

It’s like a barbie slasher movie!

30 07 2006

When I saw the last photo, the song “Under Pressure” ran through my mind…

31 07 2006


That so reminds me of a really REALLY bad yet stunningly hillarious Australian Movie, “Hercules Returns” and its syncro swimming scene.

ehehhe :))))

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