Mother’s Day/Shout Outs/Blog-versary

15 05 2006

Do you realize that it is my blog-versary of sorts? I started my blog with two angry entries regarding Mother’s day and John.

As much as I dislike him, we all have him to thank for this fantastic little blog. (hee, hee)

Without him, I never would have met Anika and Janie.

I never would have had the pleasure of perusing Squishi’s recipe cards (check out Weight Watcher cards 1974 under Sites I Like).

I would not be looking forward to meeting my soulmate Ant in June.

Jerk would never have told me that I “write skinny”.

Underachiever blubbered along with me during some of the tougher posts. has given me the sweetest encouragement in the comments.

And Christine just LOVES my kids (good taste by the way).

Rennratt……well, she’s just the cheese.

This Mother’s Day was better. It started with breakfast in bed. Well, it was actually breakfast on the floor. I slept on the floor with Maya and her friend in the living room because earlier that day Maya had one of her episodes of sleep walking. When I told her about it she was scared to be in another room in case she tried to get out the door.

And since during the earlier episode she walked out the door and to the neighbors door two houses down, I thought it was a good idea too.

So, breakfast-on-the-floor consisted of a HUGE bowl of Cheerios – with banana – and two blueberry Eggo waffles. And because she didn’t know how to make coffee, Maya poured me a orange juice, in my coffee cup.

It was wonderful.

John, on the other hand, pretended I didn’t exist. But that’s not really any skin off my nose. But I do find myself curious at times at what more he could possibly want in a mother for his children. But, you know… can’t make everyone happy.

I did get an unexpected present from the new neighbor across the street. Her and her husband are retired and just moved in about 6 weeks ago. I introduced myself to her husband a few weeks ago but had yet to meet her. She came over and stopped me outside on Saturday to tell me, “I have three daughters and three daughters-in-law, and I have been known to be a tough judge on Mothers…..but I watch you with your girls and had to tell you what a great Mom you are.”

I think I need the Head Shrinker.




8 responses

15 05 2006

I’m glad you had an awesome Mothers Day, chica. You absolutely deserve it!

15 05 2006

Happy blog-versary/mother’s day – it’s amazing how these bloggy things enrich our lives, isn’t it? :o)

15 05 2006

What a great present! From someone you don’t even know, no less.

Happy belated MD!

15 05 2006

Happy Mother’s Day! It sounds like it was a wonderful day!

16 05 2006


16 05 2006

What an awesome neighbor! I need a neighbor like that…

16 05 2006

What an awesome, unsolicited compliment!! Take that as an incredibly awesome statement! Wow! Good for you! Great mother’s day, by the way! I’m begining to learn (single mom here, too) that Mother’s day has nothing to do with the father anymore.

Oh, I’d love to join the party, truly, but it’s a bit of a hike from Philly. Have a great one without me, though!!

18 05 2006

I’m so fired. I just now noticed this post.

I like it. 🙂

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