What We Did This Weekend – Birthday Party Edition

31 05 2006
Well, after this weekend I have to say that I am feeling that extra year. I’m TIRED! Still.

About 30 people showed up at the backyard birthday extravaganza. I had to postpone it until Sunday night because Saturday was so very rainy and gloomy. It was still threatening, so we put up umbrellas and a tent/tarp thing…..but it didn’t rain a drop!

The grill smokes with juicy cheeseburger goodness!

The girls took advantage of the distracted adults and thieved a box of donut holes – devouring all but one of them in the matter of about 6.5 seconds. The sugar rush lasted quite late into the night, culminated in Sophie breakdancing…..but that’s another picture.

This is my co-worker Daniel. He’s small, but he can eat. He should probably do it professionally.

And this is co-worker Daniel later on in the night after many beers. He should probably NOT drink professionally.

Neighbor Natalie, Ex-Roommate Kristy and her girlfriend Stephanie, and Siera sitting in a super tiny chair.

Crazy PJ dancing. Things are starting to really get going.

Sophie breakdances to “Mamma Mia” by ABBA. Yep, it’s possible. Not pretty, but possible.

The night is winding down…….the breakdancing is no longer happening….Siera is sinking lower and lower into the kiddie chair………

So low, in fact, that she is mistaken for a couch by Roxy the dog.

And, so goes Shari’s 34th birthday party. It was a good one.



26 05 2006

My Birthday!!!

I Used To Write Better Letters

25 05 2006

I love writing letters.

I love getting them even more.

A few years ago my New Year’s Resolution was to write 5 letters a week to random people. I have kept it up pretty well, consistently sending out 3 letters, sometimes 5.

My sister sent me this great box of copied letters a few years ago. It has letters that my Grandma wrote, letters that I wrote to my sister, letters that my brother wrote to my sister…..you get the picture.

This is a letter that I wrote to Shannon and her roommate, dated 1/17/1992:

Karen and Shannon,

I have discovered yet another cruel and unjust black hole in the universe of my life. Yes, yet another burden to carry upon my already exhausted shoulders. As you may have already guessed, it is that my name starts with and “S”. (Shannon of course may understand this better than Karen – whom I may say in exceedingly lucky to be in the first half of the alphabet!)

Tonight, as I was twisting my apple stem – A……B…..C….D….snap! I realized that in this apple stem-twisting world, the “S”s are bound to fall short.



When did this happen to me???!!!!

But from behind this thick, smokey veil of grief came a hint, a glimmer, of hope. Thank God I’m not a Wanda, Yvonne or Zorba! There are seven letters below me- ha! ha! ha!

Then the next realization hit me as a mallet hits a gong – loud and shocking , with disturbing vibrations that sound forever into the night – THESE PEOPLE NEED HELP! Therefore, I have decided to devote my life to helping the T’s, U’s, V’s, W’s, X’s, Y’s and Z’s. Yes, I have found my nitche.

I hope you are as proud as I am happy.

ANYWAY….not much has happened since my last letter EXCEPT…

Have you ever noticed that if you spell “Wow” with 2 O’s and forget the first stick on the last W…(time of for example)


And turned it upside down it would spell “moon” backwards?


Write me a letter or I shall slowly turn into a cashew. (And that’s not an empty threat)

Love, Shari

If you want to be included in this personal letter writing campaign of mine, just let me know in the comments. I will decide if you are not creepy or weird and if I trust you enough to write you letters.

I think some of my victims are getting sick of me…..

Guest Blogger

25 05 2006

Once again, I am super busy….but never fear! Maya, the guest blogger is here!

I Won 10,000 Bucks

On spring break, while I was listening to Kid’s Choice on TV I got a phone call. He said I won 10,000 bucks! At first I thought I was dreaming. But I wasn’t. It was for real.

He said I could only spend it for three hours. Right after the phone call I went shopping. At the game store I bought a Game Boy Advance and an X-Box 360. I got a bed frame, new clothes, a hot tub, earrings, shoes, and a trip to the King Oscar Hotel.

Right when I got home the three hours were up. He called me back and said, “Did you spend all your money?”

I said, “Yes, and I’ve made room for all my stuff.”

The End

I love her list of things. A bed frame?

The King Oscar Hotel? There is a back up story there…..on her birthday a few years ago I took the girls, each on their birthday, to a hotel with a swimming pool so they could spend time with me alone and swim and eat food out of vending machines and get ice out of the ice machine…..etc.

It was a grand time.

Maya chose the King Oscar Hotel. It is right off the freeway and not at all fancy, if you know what I mean. But she thinks it was the most luxurious place she had ever seen.

Here’s a brochure. It looks much better than it is in reality……(scarily enough – check out the bedspread on page two!)

What We Did This Weekend

22 05 2006
This was a weekend that followed a 85 degree yard sale weekend.

A weekend that followed “the horrendous sunburn of ’06” weekend.

It rained. We had no plans. I took no pictures.

The only thing I did do was rearrange my closet. There is now a sewing basket….and hanging things that house my folded clothes and shoes. Everything is straight on the hangers. The hated clothes that accumulate for no apparent reason are gone – weeded out – with a finality that would terrify most people, frankly.

So, I present to you my artistic representation, in still-life form….

“Organized Closet – A Study”

It’s abstract. That’s another word for artsy.

The Seventeenth of May

17 05 2006

Norwegian Independence Day today.


Sure is.

Only 10 Shopping Days Til My Birthday!

16 05 2006

You are all invited to my birthday party….

When: Saturday May 27th (but my birthday is the 26th). Afternoonish – Eveningish.

Where: My house. Specifically my back deck.

Purpose: To celebrate the birth of a rock star. Oh….and Shari, too. Did I mention it’s Lenny Kravitz’s birthday, too?

If you come, you have to bring food. I will supply all hamburgers/cheeseburgers. They will be (of course) 100% Montana Heritage Beef – the family Ranch’s own product. AND THAT’S NOT ALL…..


Well…you get the picture.

BYOB OR W OR Whatever the heck you would like to partake in that is wet and could possibly contain alcohol ’cause I have water. And that’s it.

There might even be dancing. Who knows? My parties are all unpredictable like that.

Oh, and if you drink a lot – you can sleep on my floor or in the tent in the front yard.