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3 03 2006

I love Tom Robbins.

The author.

I read “Another Roadside Attraction” a few times a year, I love it so much. (It’s the one about the couple that lives in the Skagit Valley in a hot dog stand\roadside zoo and their friend, who works for the Vatican’s secret police, finds the mummified body of Jesus in the catacombs after an earthquake. And then it pontificates on what would happen when Christians had the resurrection rug pulled out from underneath them.)

You know the one.

I am currently re-reading “Skinny Legs and All” (the one about a purple sock, a painted stick, a conch shell, a can of pork and beans and a silver spoon on a journey from a cave in Utah to Jerusalem. Oh, and don’t forget the part about the Arab and Jew opening a restaurant (Isaac and Ishmael’s) across the street from the UN…… That is integral to the plot.)

So, anyway…. I have read this excerpt over and over the past few days:

“One tended to lose one’s bearings in the presence of willful and persistent acts of craziness, and the more gentle the act, the crazier it seemed, as if rage and violence, being closer to the norm, were easier to accommodate.”

It just strikes a cord with me somehow….




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5 03 2006

“Another Roadside Attraction” is the most recent of the Robbins books that I’ve read. I definately enjoyed it, but it left me wanting something…

I’m never sure if I like his books, or if I did too many psychadelics in my youth and say “yeah, that makes sense,” and just nod along.

6 03 2006

I’ve read quite a few of his books, got all excited about him each time I started a book but the novelty wears off towards the end. His cleverness sometimes gets a bit tiring. I got really annoyed when I read an article about his INSANE writing method, which is to craft one sentence. Slowly, carefully. Craft the next one. Never ever go back and edit anything.

But I would be willing to believe he was pulling our legs on that.

10 03 2006
sojourner incognito

I’m currently busy with ‘Jitterbug perfume’, and I only short ‘Wild ducks flying backwards’.. or is it geese, I fail to remember.. one book short of the entrie collection. Close to being a fanatic, I suppose. I find him to be extremely quotable.

Actually found your blog while searching for ‘Tom Robbins’ on blogger (Friday afternoon at work, keeping myself entertained). Very enjoyable blog; the pictures make me want to be a kid again, they seem to come with the smell of a summer holiday. Dandelion wine.

Very entertaining.

10 03 2006
Jerk Of All Trades 2.0

Never read ANY of his stuff.
Is it weird for weirdness sack, or is it just REALLY deep and I won’t get it?

10 03 2006

Well, I think it might be weird for weirdness SAKE….

No, he actually writes like I think but with prettier descriptions.

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