Fat Head Tuesday

1 03 2006

This is my rant post for the day. We will be directly moving on from this post and posting again.

But, I just have to get this out.

I went to a Zydeco concert last night (Fat Tuesday). My girls were taken care of by a friend of mine who volunteered to keep them overnight and take them to school in the morning.

Hey, I’m a single Mom who rarely gets out without my kids. Rarely meaning a few times a year.


So, when I got home I had 7 (SEVEN) messages on my phone from my kid’s Dad.

“Where are you guys….”

“Why do you have the girls out so late on a school night….”

“What the hell are you doing?!!”

“I don’t know where the hell you could have them, but, this is f**king ridiculous….”

And it just kept getting better.

I called him this morning so that he would know we were alive and well. Although, I truly believe I don’t even need to do that much. You know what he said to me?

“What kind of Mother are you? I can’t believe you would do this to them on a school night.”

You know, I called him when the girls had their cheerleader performance…. I called him when Maya was going to be in the Science Fair so he could actually show up….

Where the fuck was he then?

I know it’s not about the kids. I know it’s about control.

Fuck him.





4 responses

1 03 2006

what a stupid-fat-dumb-head-jerk-face! i hate him. you sure didn’t need to call him– it was exceedingly kind and generous of you to do so.

you are a super-fantastic-amazing mother and that stupid f***er needs a kick in the head.

1 03 2006


Fuck him.

Fuck him in his fuckety fuck asshole fucking head.

Dickhead Dads. Should be a hunting permit for them.


1 03 2006

Thanks Kingfisher. That made me laugh out loud.

1 03 2006

HA! Kingfisher, you made me laugh too….

Ah Shari..

He’s a numb-nuts. A sad, tired, jealous, frustrated, Shari-less, numb-nuts.

Don’t you pay him never no mind.

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