It’s Allllllliiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvveeeee!

14 02 2006

I know that you are all worrying yourself to death over the fate of the Minty Squirrel. Let me assure you, everything is okay. It is now happily in residence at my house again, running, and basically happier than ever.

A special thanks to KOM who gave me absolutely brilliant mechanical advice when it comes to the squirrliness that is a Festiva. I, however, did not need to use any of his brilliant ideas.

I am not telling you what was actually wrong with the car.


Moving on….

I decided the time for pampering this wonderful chunk of a car was well past due. I washed it AND had a car phone installed….

Happy Valentines Day ya bunch o’ schmucks! I love you!

If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?




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14 02 2006

My guess is Minty Squirrel didn’t have gas. Or oil.

And the reason those are my guesses is because that’s something I’d do.

People who know how to change oil are suckas.

14 02 2006


(but it’s almost that bad)


14 02 2006

Much E-love to ya Shari!

14 02 2006

The e-brake was on?

14 02 2006

You might want to call a friend.


14 02 2006
ann illusion

happy valentines day!!!

14 02 2006

I KNOW WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE SQUIRREL!!! WAH-HAHAHAH! Anika, just say the word and I’ll publish it right here on her blog.

Best regards,
Shari’s Super Cruel Sister

15 02 2006

I’m luvin’ that car-phone…

15 02 2006

i used to have a phone IDENTICAL to that in my car – only um, 1″x1″ big. For some reason someone stole it.

I’m still bummed about that.

PS: you didn’t um… leave it in a stupid gear, did you? (Been there done that myself)

15 02 2006

Shannon – I will not submit to threats. You will not hold me hostage.

I left the lights on and left the car sitting there in the parking lot for a whole week because I was sure it wasn’t something so easy.

Whatever. I am so lame.

15 02 2006

BWAAAAHAHAHAHA Shari you are the cutest and un-mechanical girl EVER. I. Love. You.

a lot.

15 02 2006

Remember how I asked for jumper cables one Christmas? Guess that “leaving the lights on” must be some sort of genetic defect (at least within our generation…)

16 02 2006


too funny. Been there done that too – plenty of times 🙂

19 02 2006

Well, advice not needed is the best offense… or something like that.

Glad to hear that the car is back in running order! I’ll never tell…

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