I Did it All For the Nookie

30 01 2006

I spent much of the weekend compiling a “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – 2006” CD as a Valentine’s Day gift for my friends. I really don’t like this holiday much. One of my best Valentines Days involved receiving a Valentine in the mail. From a gay man. Postage due.

I am not making that up.

The rest of the year I am an incredibly upbeat, cup half-full, resist-all-things negative type of gal. This is the one day that I let it all out. Any negativity, bitterness, scorn or hate that I have saved up I let out on this day. I even have an outfit for the occasion. I have an adorable pink Old Navy t-shirt with a red heart on it. I have drawn a circle and slash over it with a Black Sharpie marker. The rest of my outfit I make sure is all black.

Like my heart.

My compilation CD is quite an eclectic mix. It includes Billy Holiday (Lady Sings the Blues), Limp Bizkit (I Did It All For the Nookie), Joan Jet (I Hate Myself For Loving You), Rod Stewart (The First Cut is the Deepest), and MORE!

Anika and Janie – you are getting one! I am not leaving everyone else out, it’s just that I only know Anika and Janie’s address. You know, ’cause I stalked them.




9 responses

30 01 2006

THIS IS SO EXCITING! Hooray for Singles Awareness Day!

30 01 2006

Sooooo….Love is dead, is it?
We’ll just see about that missy….

30 01 2006

Shari, thank you for stalking me. 🙂 i love your SAD (single awareness day) uniform. i will have to invest in something similar.

is the postage due story INSPIRED by a true story. or just A true story?!

anyways, i heart you. will you be my valentine. 😉

30 01 2006

I am so so jealous! I want a CD! be sure to post all the titles and the order you put them in (I wouldn’t want to mess with your production skills) in your blog sometime so that way I can make my own, very excellent V-Day Massacre CD.

30 01 2006

OH and before I forget, one of my favorite V-Days was spent going to an Anti-Valentine’s-Day Dance, in college with my roommate, thinking: “cool, it’s in NY, by NYU, I betcha it will be an awesome time” And then we got there and it was a lesbian dance. A good time, yes. Completely random: Oh hell yes. There was a table where you could learn how to make your own home-made sanitary pad. And we got down to a lesbian cover band. My favorite was their rendition of “Build Me Up Buttercup.”

31 01 2006

What the heck is wrong with doing it all for the nookie?

31 01 2006

This is my first year in 5 where I don’t have a “valentine”. I have recieved in the past roses and cards from anonymous people with “you’ll know by the look in my eye” (I never DID figure it out – and i checked out all the males i knew at the time’s eyes) but these days…. i expect NADDA.

Last year I had Burger King on Platform 11 of Central station with my ex-bastard. Totally romantic, NOT. Glad he’s gone really.

I’m all for “singleurbanfamilygirlday”. We should start a Feb 15 day for all of us who hate Feb 14 or feel utterly rejected cos we didn’t recieve anything as desperately hoped.

It could be a worldwide phenomenon!!!

31 01 2006

btw – holy crap christine.

That would have been one hell of an evening……. making sanitary pads. Every girls valentines’ dream. (????!)

31 01 2006

I want one… a CD I mean… not a homemade sanitary pad…

I think christine’s right. You should put the list up.

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