Shari Santa Has Arrived!!

22 12 2005

And let me tell ya….that trip down the chimney was a bitch! I know it’s early, but I just couldn’t wait any longer!

So no one feels like I am playing favorites, I will meter out my gifts in alphabetical order.

To my swanky international (Canadian) friend Anika who wished fervently for a puppy….

I give you that puppy. But I also give you a random guys crotch. Because, you know, us single gals have to stick together.

I also gift to you the ability to do the the yoga “puppy” pose. As we all know, it is a version of downward facing dog, and it’s just one of those things that may come in handy with the above gift. *blush* Use it as you see fit.

And to my friend Ant. Another swanky international blogger who wished for a fast, flashy and fancy car…..


OOPs! That’s MY car (yes, the infamous Minty Squirrel)

Here’s the one I really want you to have….

or you can choose this instead…

Just let me know your choice.


Now on to Miss Janie. You had quite the list little one. To be honest, I just didn’t have the time to conjure up world peace for you, but I got you the next best thing….

And a totally huge assortment of knitting needles…

And that holiday with your blogger friends? You’re hosting! Remember? See you soon! 🙂

Megan. The one gift that was harder than World Peace. Mexico. Do you have any idea how I would love to really give you this? I know what it means to you. I know you really, really want it. All these other gifts were fun to seek out, but yours broke my heart a little bit. I love you and fervently hope that you someday get your wish for real.

And I also give you a day of eating shrimp with your Dad on the beach. Merry Christmas.

To my Imaginary Internet Triplet Sister Sherri….

Thinner Thighs!

Longer Hair!

And a calorie/fat free chocolate fountain for your foyer!

And Squishi….I loved your list of things. Really? All you want is a toy for your budgie bird and a self cleaning fish tank?

Here’s something for Bob…

And who wouldn’t want a fish tank coffee table….

I know you’re thinking, “Is it really self-cleaning?”. Well, no. But, how about your own…..(drumroll)….

Fish Tank Cleaning Pool Boy!!!


And a note to all my other lovely friends..

If you weren’t given a gift it isn’t because I don’t love and care about you. You had to actually leave me your list dummy! So you can’t be mad a me!

Merry Christmas (and any and all other various holidays) everybody!




7 responses

22 12 2005

Thank you, Shari! I love the dog. And the crotch — I think I’ll re-gift it. Thank you thank you thank you. You’re the best Santa there ever was!

22 12 2005

Thank you so much , Shari Santa.
That picture……that picure is just perfect. You captured it. And you remembered the shrimp story! And you made me cry!
Thank you my dear, dear friend. I love you too.

22 12 2005

umm I just wanted a candy cane.

undr(no gift for me)

23 12 2005

Thank you sooo much! :o)

I’m assuming you’re not for giving up Minty Squirrel so I’m going to go with the one that looks like a Lozenge sweetie on wheels (um, the orange one!)

Shari Santa, you’re the best :o) Merry Christmas!

23 12 2005

Shari you are the bomb diggity! Seriously. Thank you so much for my thinner thighs and longer hair. And the fountain…oh the fountain!

Merry Christmas! 🙂

24 12 2005

Thank you!! You’re the most fantastic santa EVER! I will never look at snap peas the same again. Could you give our chimney a quick sweep on your way back up? 🙂

Merry Christmas!!

27 12 2005

OOOH OOOH OOOH! Bob totally ADORED his present – all those ropes and things to chew on – that’s just heaven to him!

The fish LOVE their new tank too – functional AND pretty! Marvellous! (I’ll just have to watch it when i vaccum – might crack it) and the pool boy to go with it – that is MORE than I asked for! The only spare bed to keep him in is the other side of my own, such a damned shame!!

Thank you thank you thank you and *tweet tweet* and *glug glug* (from the bird and fish)!! It’s just PERFECT!

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