Company Christmas Party

16 12 2005

I have said this before, but I love where I work.

They had a big Winter Carnival for employees and their kids yesterday afternoon. There was Santa pictures, blow-up bouncy things, bingo, food, a cake walk – just about everything.

The girls had such a blast that they both fell immediately asleep on the ride home (at 3:00!).

I have to say that while Sophie is hysterical and funny and the best kid’s kid there is, Maya has once again proven that she will be there to take care of me when I get old and start peeing my pants.

How do I know this? Well…

  • When she won at the cake walk, she sprinted over to the table that was filled with over 50 beautiful cakes and picked out the one that I had made. It was not beautiful. It was a bundt cake that had actually fell apart and I had literally “glued” it back together with icing. And sprinkles. It was horrid. But Maya loved it and just beamed as she carried around her “saved” cake.
  • When they had their pictures taken with Santa, Sophie was so nervous that she had absolutely nothing to say. But Maya – what did she ask for? She asked him if he could bring me a digital camera because mine had gotten stolen.

I. love. her.




4 responses

16 12 2005

Shari, you seriously have the best girls EVER. I love them! And they love you! It’s so fabulous. (by the way, wanna arrange a marriage?)

16 12 2005

Man, but Maya stories can make me cry….

I so completely see her doing both of those things. Quietly and sincerely, with that earnest little face of hers…
What a perfectly beautiful little one.

17 12 2005

Are you sure she’s not just vying for a really nice christmas pressy?… :o)

(I jest of course, I’m sure she’s not…)

21 12 2005

awww, she is such a darling! keep up the good work shari, you’re obviously doing something right!

i work with people who have reached the “peeing their pants” stage. quite often you can tell the ones who have loved their kids well… it is so worth the time and effort. kudos to you, supermom!

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