Ugh….sniff….going home….

14 12 2005

Okay, I can’t take it anymore. I’m going back home. Here is one of the things that I promised. The others will just have to wait.

PS – could someone just put me out of my misery, already?

Your 80s Heartthrob Is
Jason Bateman



5 responses

14 12 2005

Yes I did this lol.

Ok well if I was gay my 80’s throb in the heart would be Kirk Cameron. Who in the heck is Kirk Cameron?!
Sorry Mr. Cameron if you are reading this 🙂

14 12 2005

Hm … Mine’s Scott Baio. I’m so sad about that. I wish it was Kirk Cameron (oh waitaminute, no I don’t).

14 12 2005

Ok so everyone knows who Kirk Kirky Kickinthepants Cameron is except me? Is it a state secret or something. Is it because I is white or something 😛

15 12 2005

Gareth – Kirk Cameron was (is) the dreamy boy (now man, I guess) who was in the hit TV show “Growing Pains” back in the 80’s.

(You really didn’t miss much…really….)

15 12 2005

say, ani and i were just discussing kirk a month ago… now, what was it… ah yes, i believe anika said something about being sad that he’s married. no? oh, okay, i guess it must have been something completely different then. well, gareth, i guess you can have him then. bwahaha.

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