Okay…Here’s What We Are Going To Do…

29 11 2005

I have read a few posts of late that lament the holidays happening when there is just no money. I understand this well my friends. I have definitely had worse years than this, and my stress level is quite low comparatively. I am very thankful for that.

But I learned many things in those lean years.

Like how the dollar store stuffs a stocking like nobody’s business…..
Like how everyone else buys toys for your kids and if you get one or two things they don’t notice who got them what……
Like the joy of the holidays NEEDS to overwhelm the greed….
Like if you have your kids (or yourself) make blankets or dolls or box up used toys and clothes and then have them take them to the shelter for battered women and their families it really opens their eyes to what is really going on in the world…

But, let’s face it. Presents are exciting and fun. They are mysteries wrapped in sparkly paper with crinkly bows! They are joy.

So, I want each and every one of you to make a wish list – with pictures and links and whatever – and send it to me. (My email is in my profile page as “email”. Brilliant.)

That’s right. I am “buying” every damn one of my imaginary internet friends an imaginary internet gift this year! (Even if you have never, ever commented before.)

Ho! Ho! Ho!




5 responses

29 11 2005

You’re so right about the holidays. And I have totally been hitting up the dollar stores — I heart dollar stores. I really do.

30 11 2005

I haven’t shopped at ALL this year. It’s december in 37 minutes, and i’m usually done by now! ARRRGHHHHHH!

ANyway, I want for Christmas… um… a new toy for Bob’s cage (my bird in case anyone thinks I keep a child in a cage) and a self-cleaning fishtank.

Is that asking too much? Thank you Shari Santa šŸ™‚

30 11 2005

For Christmas I would like … something to do with The Little Prince.

30 11 2005

A nice big flash, expensive and speedy car please – with a spoiler, shiny steel alloys and kickin’ go-faster stripes…

If it has featured on “Pimp My Ride” so much the better…

Thank you Shari Santa. :o)

15 12 2005

well, besides world peace… i would like a holiday with all my blogger friends. (preferably somewhere tropical and fun.) oh, and how about a new pair of knitting needles so i can make nice knitted sweater vests for all my IIFs. (L)

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