Take A Chance On Me

16 11 2005


I just scored tickets (at a gotta-sell-them-so-I’m-not-stuck-with-them price, no less) to Mamma Mia! It’s the musical based on ABBA!!!!!!!

Who is the luckiest girl in the world?


I called my friend Megan and said, “Do you hate ABBA or do you secretly love ABBA?”

Well, she hates ABBA (especially the Fernando song) but she agreed to go with me anyway. I think her hate will only make the outing more interesting.

Official countdown to the ABBA Musical Extravaganza (December 10th):

25 days!!!

(I never know whether to count “today” as a day….)




5 responses

16 11 2005

I openly LOVE Abba. I am completely jealous. Have a great time!

16 11 2005

I missed it on its Australian run, but my sister saw it THREE times, on my brother-in-law’s insistance.

That in itself is odd, because he doesn’t “do” musicals whatsoever (He’s all “man”), so it must have been good.

My mother and my other sister raved about it too. 🙂

16 11 2005

I hate Abba. But it sounds like you love Abba, so that makes me happy.

Plus the car-wash post was hilarious… :o)

17 11 2005

nobody REALLY hates Abba. Even if they won’t admit it, they secretly love Abba!!

17 11 2005

Damn girl, ya got me! I’m actually wearing the replica spangly outfits as I type this…

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