I Am Over-Stimulated

1 11 2005

When I was growing up I would get REALLY excited for holidays. I was the youngest in my family and I think also the most outwardly emotional.

After watching me bounce through the house for hours on end before a big event, my Mom would eventually ask, “Shari, are you excited?” This would immediately cause me to break into an uncontrollable sobbing binge lasting for extended periods of time.

I don’t know why.

I know that I felt embarrassed that it was so obvious. It was not necessarily that excitement was frowned upon in our household. Somehow I had singlehandedly decided that it was something to be ashamed of.

I have not outgrown this holiday excitement thing. I was so excited yesterday. The girls and I dressed up as vampires and hit the town. We started at 5 pm and were out until almost 10 pm. It was raining. It was cold.

It was fun.

And today? Today I am all weepy. I don’t get this way often. I think the excitement has gotten to me. I even felt embarrassed when I was giving my co-workers the account of last night.

It’s just that I get this look from people. Like it shouldn’t be that fun. Like I should be like other parents that really hate all this stuff.

So, if you see me crying today, just know it’s because I’m still excited. And I’m okay with that.

****ahem**** I’m not trying to brag or anything…..but I made those costumes.

And credit for the pictures to the coolest parents ever in the entire world – Sean and Megan (who begat the great and wonderful Piper, North and Abbie.) You guys are the greatest family in the history of mankind.




4 responses

1 11 2005

Those are amazing costumes, I love them!

Jacob carved a vampire pumpkin — our kids are practically twins!

1 11 2005

You go Shari! Those costumes rock as do you.

Don’t be embarrased for being excited. I had so much fun with my little ones last night. I was just a big kid.

2 11 2005

Those are great pictures. I love how the little one (sorry, I have trouble retaining names) is really getting into the role – in contrast to the smiley, peace vampire!

3 11 2005

OOOH great costumes!

I’m glad to see some real themed ones, not ones like “Oh i am a flower” or “I am Tigger”. Flowers and Tiggers are NOT scary! I don’t even have anything to do with Halloween and get crapped off with cutsey stuff. Dress as a ghost in a sheet, sheesh people! Next you’ll be dressing as dracula for Christmas! lol.

Seriously, they’re great outfits!

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