Invisible Labels and Other Perils of the New Job

26 08 2005

Okay, work is going well….I think.

My brain happens to be a bit mushy right now. This would be due to the fact that I only got to have 2 days of training with the person who I am taking over for(for whom I am taking over).

Remember, this job had a three page job description…… 2 days training………hmmmm…..

Actually, the only thing that keeps holding me up is remembering where everything is. Physically, there are tons of similar looking file cabinets labeled with obviously invisible labels as to what they contain. I find that I am spending a long time wandering around just looking in file cabinets.

The same things applies to the virtual world of computer files.

For example, I was going to try to find a check request made for my boss, Danette. I looked and I looked. Do you know where I finally found it?

In a folder named “Pam”.

Who the hell is Pam?

But……the people are great, and I truly am enjoying myself. I’ll let you know more later.




One response

26 08 2005

I am feeling your pain…seriously. I took over for someone who didn’t believe in filing anything! I can’t find anything!!! My boss expects me to know where things are because he thinks his old assistant did her job. EEK…..Good Luck to you though! Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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