Nothing Rhymes with Orange

20 07 2005

Okay, it is official, right now I claim this idea for my own and it anyone steals it I will hire thugs to inflict major bodily damage.

With that said, I would like to implore all of you for help. This idea could possibly have us all going down in the annuls of history.

You know how they always say that nothing rhymes with orange? Well, I want to come up with a word that does. For example,

Florange – the process of rhyming words that are nonsense or non-words. Dr. Suess did this often in his rhyming patterns.

For Example, here is an excerpt from “Too Many Daves” by Dr. Suess using florange techniques….

“….and one of the Sneepy
and one Weepy Weed
and one Paris Garters
and one Harris Tweed
and one of the Zanzibar-Buck-Buck McFate
but she didn’t do it, and now it’s too late.”

It could be said that Dr. Suess was “floranging”. (See? It’s a noun and a verb!)

I know that there are many better examples, but this is the only Dr. Suess poem that I know by heart.

So, please, give me some input….

  • Do you like “florange” or do you have any other suggestions?
  • Should we do an online petition as a way of showing our support?
  • Should we petition Websters or Oxford English dictionary first?

Just think….we could be responsible for abolishing the trite “nothing rhymes with orange” statement! I can put this on my resume! I’m excited!




One response

26 07 2005

I love Florange!!!

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